Strait Birding & Cetaceans

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7 Days – 27th August – 2nd September 2017.

7 days – 9th March – 15th March 2018. 

£900 for 7 days – price includes all accommodation, meals, guiding, transportation, taxes and entrances but excludes flights which are £40 – £100 return (from UK).

The Straits of Gibraltar are just 14 km wide and provide migrant birds with an ideal crossing point of the Mediterranean. Soaring birds are able to make use of the thermals which form over the Rock of Gibraltar and the Moroccan peak of Jebel Musa to gain height to help them on a treacherous part of their journey.

This flukey combination of geography and geology means a helping hand for birds and quite simply spectacular birding for us! We will visit the very best places to watch as an estimated 250,000 raptors pass over the area, as well as untold thousands of other journeying passerines and seabirds.   This incredible natural phenomenon will be happening all around us, meaning you can sit back with a nice cold beer and simply enjoy these unforgettable scenes.

A boat trip into the Straits itself will let you get close and personal with the many cetacean species that can be found in spring and autumn, such as Common, Bottlenose & Striped Dolphins and Long-finned Pilot Whale – even Fin, Sperm Whales and Orca are possible here.


There will also be time to explore the local area in and around Tarifa, where we’ll visit some superb wetland and woodland areas.  Because we’re based here, our local knowledge will allow us to show you some real hidden gems – for both birding and celebrating!


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Additional dates are also available Spring 2017 and 2018 (March, April, May and June) Autumn 2017 and 2018 (August, September and October) as well as shorter tours and day trips. Contact us for more information